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Nothing просмотров: 10846+1

Исполнитель: Jeremy Camp Альбом: Stay Дорожка: 9
Язык: Английский

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Well I must have been good I must have been right 
To see you standing holding, holding me tight 
With your arms around me i know that you are there 
You're never in the distance I always know you're near 

Nothing i can do, nothing i can say 
Can make you love me more, your love remains the same 
You gave it all for me, you gladly took my place 
To rid myself of all, all my guilt and shame 

I must have stood strong, i must have stood tight 
To yield the thoughts around me, the battle in my mind 
And knowing you surround me, your wings coat my despair 
Whatever my condition, the cross it shows you care 

Версия для печати

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