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Arafax Deep просмотров: 16510+1

Исполнитель: Falling Up Альбом: Crashings Дорожка: 12
Язык: Английский

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When this water flows down from the side of
Only you
Can you take everything that I am holding on to tightly
And all this love it will crash just like you say
Cause your love it will wash hearts away
This time the world hurts, we're looking for words to say

Show me your meaning of love
Show me the secrets to life
And I'll crash in the rain, Your love is all I need

Can I change all I am, Can I build a legacy
When I see everything that it was
Was never what I needed?
When, when you take
Will you take my heart away?
Cause I need what you just have to say
This time the world hurts, we're looking for words to say

When the window's closed, but the curtains blow
And the paintings done, you still see through
So will search my heart, I can rest my eyes
All this broken sight, Just can see You
When the window's closed but the curtain blows
And the paintings done, you still se through
When they stand surround, they all fight the rain
But I will see it's just a frame

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