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Исполнитель: Falling Up Альбом: Crashings Дорожка: 3
Язык: Английский

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In this moment synchronized inside, words that paint a legacy of life
A different picture will unfold, a healing finds it's way through
Sifted times I take another breath, with an ambience of nothing left
So heal my heart rain down your love these waters bring me back to life

Father, healer deliver me from broken love
Stay hear, closer let me hear your voice of love

There's a healing calling from the wind, there's a healer waiting to begin
In timeless places, traced and faceless will I learn to let go
Take me to the heights where love controls,
far away from home but feels so close
This empty heart of mine will fall inside and bring me back to life

You can hold, you can mend
You can heal, you can brake
I hold cause something etched this way

Father, healer deliver me form broken love
Stay hear, closer let me hear your voice of love
Savior, Redeemer bring me to this place of peace
Jesus, garden my broken heart is so in need

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