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Исполнитель: Thousand Foot Krutch Альбом: Phenomenon Дорожка: 4
Язык: Английский

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She fooled all of her friends into thinking she's so strong 
But she still sleeps with the light on 
And she acts like it's all right on, as she smiles again 
And her mother lies there sick with cancer 
And her friends don't understand her 
She's a question without answers 
Who feels like falling apart. 
She knows, she's so much more than worthless 
She needs to find a purpose, 
She wonders what she did to deserve this 

She's calling out to you 
This is a call, this is a call out 
Cause everytime I fall down, I reach out to you 
And I'm losing all control now 
And my hazard signs are all out 
I'm asking you to show me what this life is all about 

And he tells everyone a story, 
Cause he thinks his life is boring 
And he fights so you won't ignore him, 
Cause that's his biggest fear 
And he cries, but you'll rarely see him do it 
And he loves but he's scared to use it 
So he hides behind the music 
Cause he likes it that way 
And he knows, he's so much more than worthless 
He needs to find the surface 
Cause he's starting to get nervous 


Have you ever felt this way before 
Cause I don't wanna hide here anymore 
Take me to a place where nothing's wrong 
And thanks for coming, shut the door 
And they say some one out there sees us, 
Well if you're real, then save me Jesus 
Cause I've been this way for far too long 
I wasn't meant to feel alone 


Show me what this life is all about 
Show me what this life is all about 

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