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Исполнитель: Thousand Foot Krutch Альбом: Phenomenon Дорожка: 2
Язык: Английский

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I've been as far as you can go 
I've learned a lot and now I know 
You're never gonna get me on the floor again 
I'm prepared to take you to the end 
Never gonna play your games again 
Bring your whole team and all your friends 
But I hope your listenin' 

Haunt me if you want me 
But I'll warn you 
If you ever step to me 

I sometimes wish that I could fly 
Hold me tight in your arms tonight 
Sick of livin' inside a lie, alright 
I can't count the times I've tried 
Stand alone just to lift you high 
You're my answer to the question why 

I'm sick of letting you control 
The places that I go 
I'm never giving into you again 
Take, take another look at me 
And tell me what you see 
All of these kats tryin' to get under my skin 
But they can't step over me 
You try to control me 
But ya can't hold me 
You don't own me 
If you ever step to me 


I know it's not me 
Take a look inside me 
I'm sick of these ways 
So sick of these games 
Couldn't see it til I multiplied you 
Call me a freak 
But I don't hear the words you speak 
I'm takin' control 
Just lettin' you know 
That I won't get sucked in by you 


Again, you try to control me 
But ya can't hold me 
You don't own me 
If you ever step to me 

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