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Исполнитель: Anberlin Альбом: Blueprints For The Black Market Дорожка: 10
Язык: Английский

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Write down,to remind yourself on how it can be 
Heartstrings, you're tugging at my heartstrings 
Helpless, I have become so helpless to your touch 
touch me somehow 
Restless, you leave me restless 
breathless wait for me 

The closer I come to you 
the closer I am to finding God 
You're a miracle to me 
The closer I come to you 
the closer I am to finding God 
You're a miracle to me 

Burning, like Joan of Arc to see you, just to feel you 
Cadence, I would dance with the dead cause I believe 
yes I believe, yes I believe 
Stifle, Paul said that you stifle him 
again and again and again 

And if these are my parting words 
Then this, my last request 
Hold me here, until I sleep 
If I burn, then I burn for you 

The song is in drop d 
Then the chorus is A, F#, and open chords which is D
The bridge is just playing the A and G strings
I dont have the solo but if anyone does it would be greatly appreciated.  
I think this is Really Close.

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aznguitarist28 - 2004-07-27
um for the verse you tabbed it backwards
But otherwise good job

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