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Исполнитель: dcTalk Альбом: Intermission Дорожка: 17
Язык: Английский

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Bm   A5   Em 
G   G/F#  Em 

Em    Bm 

Bm   A5   Em 
G   G/F#  Em 

People watching, every life a mystery
Sunny faces, but you know the story's incomplete
Satisfaction. seems a million miles away
But I'm moving (in) to another state of mind
I'm believing there's no better place or better time

Everyday we live, there's a chance to give
Everytime we speak, there's a chance for peace
Everyday we live, there's a chance

Little sister, put aside your fear and breath
In the secret, so you hear the voice of heaven
(sayin') Come together, hope is stronger than it seems
Where you're standing there's no running out on love
Only human, but you've set your eyes on things above

A chance for you, a chance for me
A chance to serve in a time of need
A chance to live, a chance to touch
A chance to live, a chance to tell
A chance to pray for a father's love
A chance to lose yourself for somebody else
Or a chance top pray for the chance to love

I know some of this might be 
wrong. But please e-mail me and tell me if you find anything wrong.
This one goes out to Mary K. You've helped me out alot. Thanx

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Время: 2008-11-20 01:57:16
Имя: Lilia
If you can send me a music I really apriciate it!!
God bless you!

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