Me Oh My

Исполнитель: Five Iron Frenzy Альбом: All The Hype That Money Can Buy Дорожка: 2

ISAIAH 56:1 

Me oh my, 
There's something happening in the sky. 
I see my favorite face, 
It chokes me up so fiercely, 
And I'm filled with your light, 
Soaked with your grace, 
I'll dance all night, 
I've got to say goodbye. 

There's something 
happening in the sky, 
Me oh my! 
I recall that I'm yours now I'm feeling fine, 
Me oh my, you're mine. 

I sense a coming reign, 
A hand to hold the nations up in peace. 
The sun smiles down and warms our hearts, 
It's happening in the sky. 

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