Исполнитель: Thousand Foot Krutch Альбом: Phenomenon Дорожка: 1

If you like us, calling all riders 
Pull up beside us, no place to hide us 
We're freedom fighters, let's unite us 
Switch on your nitros, and. let's. go. 

Destination, for navigation, man up your stations 
Feel the sensation 
Surround invasion, with communication 
Move quick, we might avoid contamination 

Down, here comes the sound,
everyone pound your feet to this Phenomenon 
Now, let's make it loud,
and let me show them all how you move to this Phenomenon 
Woah, open your soul, baby, lose control, inside of this Phenomenon 
Just let yourself go, and let everyone know,
you moved to this Phenomenon 

Don't let these spiders crawl up beside us,
they want to bite us, inject the virus 
Raise up your lighters, praise to the Righteous, need You to guide us 
Get prepared to go 


Can't take it anymore, shaken till we move the floor 
What are we waiting for? Lets go! 
Tired of being ordinary, don't care if theres people staring 
I know you said you'd carry me ... on 
I'm not invisible like you, next time things get a little messed up 
I'll shine, but I'll never be see-through 
I'm fine just trying to wake the rest up 


You moved this Phenomenon
You moved this Phenomenon

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