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Higher Ground просмотров: 7022+1

Исполнитель: 38th Parallel Альбом: Turn The Tides Дорожка: 3
Язык: Английский

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Your smile cuts through a smoky room, 
chasing silence from the air 
Your empty eyes and hollow smile 
complement your vacant stare 
There's something more to stand on, 
something of worth to live your life on 

Higher ground, 
on higher ground 
You'll build your house where love resounds 
Higher ground, 
on higher ground 

You'll see your purpose from higher ground 
Your determined words dance on my heart, 
you're like a conscience in my ear 
Your laughing smile and brilliant eyes 
remind me why 
I'm here For something more to stand on, 
something of worth to live my life on 


The sight of you on your feet 
Face streaked with the crystal glow of tears 
To show that love had saved you 
and truth amazed you is the vision 
I will take with me wherever I go


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